We Package High Quality Candy in Bags, Tubs & Tubes

Quality Products is committed to offering our customers a wide range of packaging options for some of the most well known candy in the world. We will gladly custom package candies in private label or with our own Quality Products line.

We pride ourselves in making our customers smile. Whether you're a large retailer, distributor, independent store owner or someone with a love of orange slices.

Quality Products fantastic line of candy will exceed your expectations while packaging the types of candy you want in the style you need.


About US

LMH Quality Products is a SQF Certified re-packager of candies, gummies, and chocolates that offers a wide range of product options through their Every Day Product Line and Private Label packaging for independent stores and corporations. 

LMH Quality Products proudly supports local organizations and events as we strive to make the world a better place to live. Groups we support: MRCI Work source. We are always looking for more opportunities to get more involved with our community!

LMH Quality Products produces over 15 Million candy packages each year, providing job opportunity's for hundred of individuals with disabilities throughout Minnesota.

Let LMH Quality Products help you design your product line today!


You pick the product and size, we provide!

CandY: Gels, Gummi's, Hard, Chocolate, Novelty, Holiday and more! Snacks: Pretzels, popcorn and more!

Packaging: Laydown Bags, Gusset Bags, Tubs, Tubes and more!

The options are endless! Give us a call or email and we can get you what you need!






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